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Social Animals (2018) HD
Social Animals (2018)
Year, country:
Theresa Bennett
Samira Wiley, Carly Chaikin, Josh Radnor
1h 30min
Any beginnings of the young girl Zouy invariably end in failure. Numerous attempts to personalize life have ended in failure. A small business has recently been under threat of bankruptcy. From so many problems that appeared simultaneously, even the strongest one can finally be disappointed in life, which collapsed overnight, without giving chances for changing unpleasant circumstances. In this difficult, depressing period, the girl gets acquainted with a nice guy. Between the recent acquaintances literally flares a romantic feeling, which turned their heads. But the joyful changes were unexpectedly not so pleasant. Up to a certain point the heroine of the film was living in a fairy tale. Zoe managed her own business, she began to develop relationships with the chosen man, but then she was everywhere to pursue a complete setback. From the very beginning, her lover abandoned her, and then financial difficulties arose in business. Zoya does not have the money to pay a rented apartment and soon she can remain without a roof over her head. All this began to have a strong impact on the unfortunate girl. From the very beginning, she plunged into a deep depression, and then began to use narcotic substances altogether. She began to think that because of drugs her life was much better, but in fact she was exacerbating her situation. Zoe learns that her beloved has long been married and divorce his wife is not even going to. But an enterprising, smart girl decides to take advantage of an unusual situation, turning in her direction undesirable circumstances. After consulting with the best girlfriend, having told about unforeseen difficulties, she is going to develop an effective plan that allows successfully solving two difficult tasks. The second important goal is to save the collapsing business, which allows to ensure a constant income...