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Walt Before Mickey (2015)
Year, country:
Khoa Le
Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jon Heder, Armando Gutierrez
1h 47min
Walt from the film Dreamer online as a child realized that he really likes to draw. Biographical drama "Dreamer" tells about childhood, adolescence and becoming known to the whole world. Boy named Walt had already found his calling. His favorite pastime was drawing. He created more and more drawings, mastering and honing the technique, he began to paint everything he saw: landscapes, animals. Walt began to fantasize, realizing that his drawings come to life: dogs bark, planes fly in the sky. A boy grew up, who was an incredible dreamer. Thoughts of the hero were occupied precisely not by housekeeping. Watch free movie darma, biography Walt Before Mickey 2015 online. He did the hard work. Walter dreamed of a long journey. He wanted to visit every interesting and colorful corner of the world. Such a dream could not come true in the guy's drawings. Details of his imaginary travel displayed on paper. The path to fame and fortune was by no means covered with roses. Understanding the family was also not complete. Father did not approve drawing. And his support has played a role in promoting Disney's ideas and creating a huge animated empire that has not lost its popularity to this day. Walt began to try to enliven his landscapes and portraits. Developing his abilities Walter in his foolish fantasy...