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The Great Wall (2016) 4K
The Great Wall (2016)
Year, country:
Yimou Zhang
Matt Damon, Tian Jing, Willem Dafoe
1h 43min
China has always been a strong empire with powerful rulers. His authority was recognized by all Asian states. But the most powerful countries always have many ill-wishers. To strengthen its status, China always needed to have a strong army, play the role of aggressors. Sometimes the border was attacked by unknown creatures. About them for hundreds of years there were legends, and no one knew how these mysterious creatures look. But the warriors, who managed to survive in the battles with these monsters, told terrible stories. They were big terrible creatures. They appeared suddenly and attacked quickly and decisively. Watch free movie action, adventure, fantasy The Great Wall (2016) online. The guns of that time were not allowed to cope with monsters. To protect the border from the attack of monsters, the Great Wall was built. This grandiose construction became the project of the rulers of China. Millions of residents have contributed to the erection of a protective device. But apart from the supernatural evil, uninvited guests were still visiting in China. This time they became Europeans. The fact is that in China of the fifteenth century, gunpowder was invented. He was popular among Asian traders. But soon information about the great invention leaked and across the border of Europe and Asia. The white population found out about such a valuable commodity, and decided to get their share. What was the surprise of Europeans when they found the Chinese behind the hasty construction of a protective structure. The conquerors realized that they had come to visit not alone and they also had to face an evil that could destroy both civilizations...