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The Unspoken (2015)
Year, country:
Sheldon Wilson
Jodelle Ferland, Sunny Suljic, Pascale Hutton
1h 31min
Policemen who arrived at the scene find a sea of blood.  A woman can not explain anything, she went mad from what he saw. The case isvery strange, the police can not find evidence. After some time, the investigation is completely stopped. About this incident is forgotten. The house is for sale. Despite its notoriety, there is a buyer. Young girl seriously quarreled with her father and left the house. Now she needs to earn money. She committed suicide. The first days already bring unpleasant surprises. The boy begins to behave strangely. Later, Angela begins to notice the involuntary clapping of doors and shaking of window frames. The most interesting begins later. To them comes an old master named Briard. He seems affable, but later the girl realizes that he is mentally ill. Soon, his criminal intentions open in all its glory... I tried and Canadian filmmaker and screenwriter Sheldon Wilson, whose brainchild was made in the style of "Amityville" and called the horror film "Unsuspended." This story began in 1997, when the Anderson family disappeared from their house forever and without any trace. After seventeen years, he has new owners - the mother of a loner Ginny and her son Adrian. A sinister home was chosen not least because of its cheapness and unpopularity among buyers. Ginny is happy with such a large house, but eventually realizes that she has fallen into the abode of evil, hellishly difficult to escape. Those rare guests who dared enter under its roof...