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Christmas In Evergreen (2017)
Year, country:
Alex Zamm
Ashley Williams, Teddy Sears, Holly Robinson Peete
1h 24min
Young, energetic Ellie from childhood lives in Evergreen, here she has been working as a veterinarian for a long time. Recently, a promising employee is offered a good place in Washington, where, by lucky coincidence, beloved Spencer lives. They maintained a romantic relationship for two years, so they began to think about a serious step towards a more responsible decision. The girl is uncertain and has little fears about such dramatic changes in the existing, established, habitual existence. She negotiates with her boyfriend, in order to avoid an irreparable mistake, to spend Christmas holidays together in his house, to be sure of the seriousness of his intentions and the truth of his feelings and desires. Parents do not want to leave their daughter on a long trip on the eve of family celebrations, they will be very bored. On the way to the airport with Elli there is an unforeseen trouble. The truck, on which she set off, suddenly died out, and is not going to start. Passing by a young widower with his daughter, he stops and offers a stranger late for the flight of the plane, help. Upon arrival at the destination, random fellow travelers will learn that because of the raging pre-New Year blizzard, all airliners are removed from the routes, will have to wait for better weather conditions. Thanks to a whole series of accidents, Ellie finds herself in the house of new acquaintances, where she experiences a lot of pleasant impressions, unfamiliar before. She has to participate in the birth of the calf, bake a festive cookie with a girl and her attractive father, hang stockings over the fireplace in anticipation of Santa's gifts and build a snowman in the yard. Such communication will lead to the birth of love. But happy moments will come to an end when Spencer arrives.