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Searching (2018)
Year, country:
Aneesh Chaganty
John Cho, Debra Messing, Joseph Lee
1h 42min
After the disappearance of sixteen-year-old girl under strange circumstances, unusual events begin to occur. The day when the unpleasant incident occurred, began quite normally, without foretelling any troubles. Margo studied in the first year at a local college, so in the morning she went as usual to study classes, taking the necessary supplies. At the usual time for returning home, she did not appear, so the parent began to worry. With the onset of darkness, the situation has not changed, the concerned father began calling his acquaintances, without receiving any information about the whereabouts of the minor daughter. With difficulty waiting for dawn, the man finally knocked out of balance in a hurry to the police station to file an application, which he is receiving with obvious reluctance, hinting at the hopelessness of the situation.
The father who is in a difficult situation has to seek help from a private investigator, who immediately gives his consent to search for the missing child. Men decide to work together to increase the chances of a successful outcome of the investigation. Having developed a plan for further, search actions, they are taken to investigate the girl’s personal belongings, with the intention of starting with the contents of a personal computer. However, the electronic device does not start without entering a password, the search for the right options may take too much time, which the unfortunate captive does not have much. Partners install a special program that automatically selects the right set of characters, and continue to search, hoping for success. The father is tensely waiting for some sign from the intruders, he is ready to pay any amount if they make a ransom for the release of the hostage.
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