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Favorites Beyond Skyline (2017)

Beyond Skyline (2017)
Year, country:
Liam O'Donnell
Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic, Iko Uwais
1h 45min
Mark Corley is a very responsible and experienced police detective, a true professional in his field. But for him a very significant problem is his son Trent, who often gets involved in trouble. Once again, the rebel son ends up in the police station, where only his father can get him out. Mark makes a pledge for him and helps him to go free, but just at that moment an alien race suddenly begins to attack the planet, suddenly flew to Earth to capture it. Huge space ships appear in the sky; They take people off the streets and out of the houses, and Trent becomes one of those prisoners: they take him to the ship, tearing him from his father. Of course, it's impossible to calmly take out the main character of the movie Skyline 2, so decides to do everything possible to save his son. He manages to get on the ship, where he meets two people who came to the aliens in their first invasion of the Earth - the girl Elaine and Jarod, who was mutilated by the aliens. They manage to land a ship in the lands of Shanghai, but now humanity is waiting for a very important confrontation with the aliens, on which the fate of the entire planet depends. Whether people will be able to defend the Earth - you will know if you watch this movie for free.
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