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Lilith (2018) HD
Lilith (2018)
Year, country:
Alexander T. Hwang
Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Devanny Pinn
1h 30min
Film Alexander T. Hwang. The next trip of the outstanding composer Fred Ballinger to the Swiss mountains, where he had been used to relaxing and gaining inspiration for the same expensive hotel for several years in a row, was not the same as always. This time, Fredi took with him an old friend and bosom friend - Mick Boyle. Being a famous world filmmaker, Mick goes with a friend to a beautiful picturesque place, where there is simply the most suitable atmosphere for inspiration, because Miki is working on her new job. The main characters of the film "Youth" watch what is happening around, joke to themselves and enjoy the beauty of the local nature, not suspecting that very soon their life will change dramatically. Lilith (2018) online free full movie stream in HD|FilmsCLUB.org|
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