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Favorites Dante's Inferno (2007)

Dante's Inferno (2007) SD
Dante's Inferno (2007)
Year, country:
Sean Meredith
Tony Abatemarco, Scott Adsit, Matt Besser
1h 28min
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Dante's Inferno - Animated Epic (Dante's Inferno - An Animated Epic). Animated cartoon tape, a kind of appendage to the video game Dante's Inferno. A new look at the immortal "Comedy" Alighieri, in which the central character of the narrative, Dante, is facing an extremely difficult task - to go through all the 9 horrific circles of hell in order to rescue his love from captivity.
Several filmmakers worked at the creation of the film, very well established in the industry. In the direct creation of an anime-cartoon film, several studios took part.
The picture represents the viewer's view of life in the other world. Approaching the door to the Underworld, Dante has no idea what he is going to experience. Together with his brother Virgil, they pass through all the circles of hell, and on each of them heroes await a difficult fate. In a way, the picture is instructive - in it the sins of a person are shown in person. The film is intended primarily for adults. Well-set dialogues, a sea of blood, an excellent video series - everything you need for a good adaptation of the game. But the tests that await the viewer can not withstand all.
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