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A Christmas Prince (2017)
Year, country:
Alex Zamm
Tom Knight, Richard Ashton, Theo Devaney
1h 32min
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Prince for Christmas online" - a melodrama about modern Cinderella, the plot of which remains relevant at all times. That's why viewers are always happy to watch films about the adventures of a girl who, from dusk, eventually turns into a princess. The main character is a young but promising journalist named Amber. The girl lives and works in New York, and, like all promising employees, she wants to make a report that would be remembered to the audience and gave a successful stimulus in a professional career. And soon Amber provided an opportunity to show his writing gift in practice.
The leadership sends the girl on a business trip to Eastern Europe. She must make a great interview with the heir to the royal throne. Prince - personality is not ordinary. Even before the coronation, his name was overgrown with rumors and scandals. The press is full of articles about his love affairs. To learn more about the hero of his reportage, Ember decides to pretend to be a nanny and quickly gets into the heir's environment. The girl does not assume that very soon the whirlpool of palace intrigues will absorb her entirely. Nevertheless, the journalist is obliged to fulfill the task of the authorities. But at what cost will she get this interview?
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