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Favorites Bad Guys Always Die (2015)

Bad Guys Always Die (2015) 4K
Bad Guys Always Die (2015)
Year, country:
Hao Sun
Ye-jin Son, Bo-lin Chen, Wenbo Ding
1h 50min
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The main characters of the film “Bad guys always die” became two friends, friends from childhood. Once they decide to relax a bit and dilute the routine of life. To do this, the guys go to Jeju - a small but incredibly picturesque island. And yet, to enjoy the rest of our heroes managed not long.

It all started with friends finding a big plush pig. Laughing, the guys completely forgot about the incident. But from that moment on their peace came to an end. It is not known why they were suddenly declared the main suspects in the case of the murder of a police officer. Now our heroes are in search, and they have to stay away from people. In addition, they had problems with one gangster group, and now friends are literally between two fires.

And yet, guys do not lose hope! After all, they have assistants! The first mate is a young sexy girl about whom no one knows anything. The second is a strange middle-aged man who appears out of nowhere. What is happening and how to fix the situation? This question asks each of these characters.

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