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About Scout (2015) HD
About Scout (2015)
Year, country:
Laurie Weltz
India Ennenga, James Frecheville, Onata Aprile
1h 49min
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Events sci-fi thriller with elements of horror transfer viewers in the near future. We find ourselves in 2066 and see the cradle of humanity slowly die, taking the last inhabitants of the planet with us. There was a fierce war that caused dire consequences - radioactive fallout began to fall, and most of the Earth became uninhabitable. The only chance for humanity is to urgently find a planet suitable for life, otherwise civilization will perish. Several scout ships are being built, which, together with the trained crew, are sent to different parts of space. The main characters of the film are the astronauts of the starship “Last Scout”. More than seven years have passed since the ship left Earth. Finally, people have the opportunity to save their race. They are going to check another suitable planet, very similar to Earth. But before disembarking, already being ryabov with orbit, the crew stumbles upon a drifting ship. After that, the tension on the Scout begins to grow rapidly.