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Favorites Becks (2017)

Becks (2017)
Year, country:
Daniel Powell (co-director), Elizabeth Rohrbaugh (co-director)
Wally Dunn, Isabella Farrell, Dan Fogler
1h 30min
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The American film Bex will tell the audience about a young and bright musician who left her native city in her time in search of new opportunities for a larger city in order to realize her talent and fulfill her dream of playing on the big stage and show people what she is capable of. Having worked at a professional level in the city of Brooklyn, the girl-guitarist after a major and devastating quarrel with other musicians returns after a while to her native town. Here, of course, she does not have a speech before a large audience, but she may be lucky in another field of activity, maybe not as prestigious as she had to leave in Brooklyn.
While she is forced to interrupt a small part-time job. A young guitarist performs at a local bar with a longtime acquaintance and simultaneously gives guitar lessons to everyone who wants local people. But, as they say, you never know where you find it, but where you lose it. And in the city of childhood, a talented girl can simply meet her love.
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