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Favorites Eliminators (2016)

Eliminators (2016)
Year, country:
James Nunn
Scott Adkins, Stu Bennett, Daniel Caltagirone,
1h 34min
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watch full movie Eliminators (2016) . For a long time, government agent Thomas (Scott Adkins) worked undercover. Then he gave testimony to the bosses of the underworld and they were convicted. As usual in such cases, the police did not manage to completely eliminate the criminal network. In order not to expose the life of the agent of danger, he and his family are held under the witness protection program. Having changed the documents, Thomas now lives quietly in London.

As described in the film "Eliminators", because of a completely coincidental coincidence, there was a failure in the witness protection program. The gang of robbers confused the address and instead of the house of the drug dealer burst into the dwelling of Thomas. Naturally, he has not yet lost his fighting skills and well punished these bandits. Thus, the photo of the former agent caught his enemies' eyes. They ordered their liquidators to destroy Thomas. A mysterious killer named "Bishop" (Stu Bennett) begins to get to Thomas, before kidnapping his daughter. Now the former agent needs not only to defeat the enemies, but also to free the girl with the owl.
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