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Favorites The Antwerp Dolls (2015)

The Antwerp Dolls (2015) HD
The Antwerp Dolls (2015)
Year, country:
Jake L. Reid
Jason Wing, Bruce Payne, Sean Cronin
1h 30min
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Influential mafiosi expels several gangsters from their group. He is not satisfied with their work, and as a result they have lost all chances for a comfortable life. But the guys decided not to tie with the crime and take revenge on the offender. They managed to find out that their former boss was about to make a deal with the Belgian mafia. Having developed a clear plan of action, the friends attack the courier by the former employer and take a large amount of money from him, thereby disrupting the deal. But they did not take into account that their actions would lead to the beginning of a bloody war between two large mafia clans, into which they too would be drawn. Now they have to try very hard to save their lives ...

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