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Favorites The Snow Queen 3 (2016)

The Snow Queen 3 (2016)
Year, country:
Aleksey Tsitsilin
Dee Bradley Baker, Lori Gardner, Devin Bailey Griffin
1h 20min
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The winds of the North immediately remind anyone of the incredible cold and constant insurmountable tension. Any fairy magical events taking place against such a background no longer seem childish fictions and deception. Any confrontation, in such severe frosty conditions, seems simply insurmountable and impossible. Only a real spiritual strength and a tremendous desire to cope with any, let even an unbeaten opponent.
   The plotline of this cartoon revolves around a young girl who not so long ago managed to rescue her beloved brother and imprisonment, in the castle of the Snow Queen. However, now under the nightmare threat came the father and mother of the protagonist. The girl again has to turn to the magic trolls and other fairy-tale creatures who have become friends of the protagonists, thanks to her inexhaustible kindness, to wrest their parents from the captivity of treacherous villains. But only this time to compete with the girl will be more powerful at once, because of what the protagonist will have to try hardest.
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