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Favorites Love In Paradise (2016)

Love In Paradise (2016) HD
Love In Paradise (2016)
Year, country:
Sean McNamara
Luke Perry, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Tom Butler
1h 24min
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The protagonist of the film Avery Ford was once a popular actor, but a few years ago everyone forgot about him. A man played the role of a cowboy in a television series, and after stopping the project he was not in demand. Avery had to accept several proposals for filming in advertising, and only in this way he managed to preserve his financial well-being. Once the actor was invited to play in an advertising campaign to promote equestrian entertainment center. In order to get used to the role, he will have to go to a remote province. There he will have to feel all the burdens of a real cowboy’s life.

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  1. martin salazar
    un link con los subtitulos

    • 28 мая 2019 06:54