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Favorites Den of Darkness (2016)

Den of Darkness (2016) SD, HD
Den of Darkness (2016)
Year, country:
Sandra Lindo
Monika Tilling, Eric Giancoli, Mackinlee Waddell
1h 31min
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Arthur and Helen are moving to a new home. A year before this event, Helen almost lost her sight working as a counselor in a boy scout camp. She walked with the girls in the park and suddenly something strange and terrible happened. One of the girls dropped dead. The teenagers were very scared, and the counselor got a nervous shock, after which her eyesight began to fall. The husband did not regret the funds for the treatment of his beloved wife, but there was no positive result. Then Arthur came up with the idea of transporting his wife to another house in the hope that his change would help Helen forget what he had experienced.

But the quiet and neglected country house did not inspire confidence in the woman and even caused some strange feeling of fear. She began to ask her husband to take her back. Once upon a time, the otherworldly power that Helen, ill-sighted, had been feeling all this time, came out of her sleep and the woman trembled with horror. Can the poor guy to throw off the dark chains of fear, and protect his soul from the mystical horror in the old country house, look in the movie "The Lair of Darkness."

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