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Favorites The Turning (2013)

The Turning (2013)
Year, country:
Jonathan auf der Heide, Tony Ayres
Colin Friels, James Fraser, Henri Phillips
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 The film "10 Moments of Fate" consists of ten short stories that are not related to each other, and their characters are not familiar. These plots show how sometimes, quite unexpectedly, fate can turn for each person.

It shows graduates who, having not the most successful life, decide to go to meet adventures. Stories about unfulfilled dreams and love that passed by. The plot of how it is sometimes good to fall into the pool. The story of a man who first saw his father, only when he grew up long ago, and what it meant to him. Stories about difficult relationships with children, and how it is sometimes possible to change their worldview with one faithful parental act. The film shows how you can regret the past all your life, or believe in God and accept losses.

Here, for each character, a definite detail becomes a turning point, sometimes practically not noticeable, but affecting the whole subsequent life. None of these people can understand when a moment occurred in their destinies, which changed their ways, helped to draw some important lesson.
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