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Favorites Jarhead (2005)

Jarhead (2005)
Year, country:
Sam Mendes
Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx, Lucas Black
2h 5min
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The film "Marines" tells about the harsh everyday life of the American military.

Anthony Swofford - a young guy, like thousands of him like him, goes through all stages of military service, starting with the training camp and ending with a triumphant return home.

At each stage, he is waiting for serious tests, meeting new people and a different view of nature to painfully familiar things.

Intensely preparing for hostilities in the Persian Gulf, Anthony acquires the skills of a sniper and waits for his chance to contribute to the confrontation and influence the balance of power.

Other recruits and already experienced soldiers serve alongside him. They adapt to life in the desert, constant exercise and a sense of uncertainty. Unusual conditions do not so undermine the spirit of the marines, as bad news from home, where wives and girls are not always true to their elects.

For Anthony, the proximity of victory and a peaceful life are no longer decisive. He, as no one understands that the Marine will forever remain a Marine and will not stop feeling war ...

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