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Robots (2005)
Year, country:
United States
Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks
1h 31min
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The cartoon "Robots" describes life in a fantasy world populated solely by intelligent machines.
Rodney Nerzhaveikin lived in the backwoods for many years, but decided to follow the dream and move to a big city to apply his talent to inventing to the destination. But now is not the best time for young minds: a corporation that produces parts for robots has a clear strategy for enrichment, and no one on the board will think of stepping back from it. The plan is simple and cunning: the parts for old models of robots cease to be produced, and the inhabitants of the city have only two ways: to find means for expensive modernization or to become scrap metal.
Rodney does not get a treasured job, but finds a lot of friends. All of them are faced with the unfair attitude of the corporation and are ready to fight for the right to exist. It remains only to call in their ranks more like-minded people and a little pumping with the use of engineering skills Rodney in practice. Preparations are over, which means it's time to go into battle.
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