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Favorites Journey Back to Christmas (2016)

Journey Back to Christmas (2016) HD
Journey Back to Christmas (2016)
Year, country:
Mel Damski
Candace Cameron Bure, Mary Ashton, Kyle Buchanan,
1h 24min
Journey Back to Christmas (2016) watch full movie online in HD - free movie on FilmsCLUB.org
Only ended the Second World War. America welcomes its winning soldiers. Hannah works as a nurse in the hospital. A young woman is very kind
and always sympathetic to all patients. Unfortunately, her husband Eaton did not return from the war. Doty's friend tells Hannah that she must continue to live. Everything happens on the eve of Christmas. The medical staff and patients are preparing for the celebration. Hannah talked to one injured boy Tobias and went home for a few hours. In the hospital, a woman forgot her camera.
As described in the movie "Christmas Journey" in the house to Hanne came the lost dog. The nurse saw on the collar the name of the dog Rafin, as well as the address of the owners. The woman took the dog home and met a little girl named Clara. During the return ride a heavy snowfall began, and an unknown comet appeared in the sky. The car landed in a snowdrift and could not move further. Hannah ran to the nearest barn to hide from the cold. Here she fell and fainted.
When the woman got out, she saw that everything was suddenly measured. It turns out Hannah is not clear how the time cycle came in December 16, 2016. Of course it is extremely difficult to take this, but the woman is helped by police officer Jake and his family.
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