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Courier X (2016)
Year, country:
Thomas Gulamerian
James C. Burns, Udo Kier, Bron Boier
2h 18min
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The spy thriller Courier X is a film-revelation. An experienced secret courier has been carrying out missions for the most mature leaders of smuggling clans for many years. It seems that this man is not afraid of anyone and nothing, transporting from one point of the globe to another very different smuggling. And to carry it all comes in a row: from drugs and ending with the most valuable diamonds. At the same time the messenger risks his health, because he carries all this in his own body. But nevertheless, the mother of the courier has his own moral foundations, he is not ready to go to cruelty and murder for his earnings. It was until recently that he was working on the criminal leaders of the world. But now his services decided to use the CIA. The criminals must hide the results of the investigation conducted by well-known experienced journalist Harry Webber. The investigation revealed that the CIA is directly involved with drug trafficking and incitement of confrontations in third world countries. The intelligence department is struggling to close the traces of its own dirty deities. Now before the courier there is a task that forces him to give in to his own principles. But will he go to this?

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