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Favorites Walt Before Mickey (2015)

Walt Before Mickey (2015) HD
Walt Before Mickey (2015)
Year, country:
Khoa Le
Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jon Heder, Armando Gutierrez
1h 47min
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The biopic “Dreamer” shows the story of a very famous person, his name is familiar to the whole world. A little boy named Walt was very fond of drawing. He created more and more drawings, this hobby became his vocation. For years, the boy hone his drawing skills, but he so wanted to revive his works. Thanks to this man, the world learned that animation is a serious art. Everyone knows the name of Walt Disney, but not everyone knows how difficult his path to ascend to greatness was.

Walt Disney learned that the path to becoming cannot be smooth; he went through many trials before becoming a famous animator. The tests were not only in career growth, but also in the family, because Walt's father did not approve of his son's calling for drawing. Walt Disney received support from his brother, who supported Disney in its development. Walt Disney's career takes its creative beginning from the Laughter Studio, it was from there that the famous path of the individual began, whose name became immortal. Thanks to the works of Walt Disney, animated animation was developed and turned into the strongest power in the cinema industry.

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