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Isolation (2015) HD
Isolation (2015)
Year, country:
Shane Dax Taylor
Marie Avgeropoulos, Luke Mably,
1h 26min
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The action movie tells about a couple who decided to spend time together to give their feelings a new life. However, everything did not work out exactly as they expected. After all, on the island, besides them, there were other people who, from the first day of settlement, began to follow them. When the couple in love noticed that they were not alone on the island, they did not attach much importance to this. After a while, the guys returned home and noticed that a robbery had occurred in their house. They could not understand who exactly did this, so the main characters planned to leave this island as soon as possible and go home. But they did not immediately succeed in doing this.

The Isolation (2015) film shows that there were a couple of killers on the island who wanted to enrich themselves at the expense of others and kill witnesses to the crime. When the young couple began to guess what was happening on the island, they tried to hide in the forest, but the killers hunted for them. The confrontation was not equal, so at one point the couple fell into the hands of criminals. But whether the main characters will be able to rebound an armed couple, you need to watch a movie online.