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Honeybee (2016) HD
Honeybee (2016)
Year, country:
Nicki Harris
Pokey Spears, Lorin Partalis, Jane Wiedlin,
1h 35min
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Hilary Martino, a high school student from a small cozy town, decides to leave her native nest, breaking family tradition. She was tired of her native landscapes for a long time, since in a quiet province life is boring for her. So it was before the appearance in her life of the beautiful Louise, who had recently moved to the city, along with her five sons. While self-confident teenagers conquered the hearts of classmates, father Hillary fell in love with their mother. The girl herself also falls under the natural magnetism of this woman. As a result, she began dating one of her sons - red-haired Kadin, not realizing the effect the mother has on her children. The family is dangerous for everyone who is on her hook.

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