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The Birthday Wish (2017) HD
The Birthday Wish (2017)
Year, country:
Peter DeLuise
Jessy Schram, Luke Macfarlane, Marcus Rosner
1h 24min
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Gwen is a self-sufficient young woman who has achieved everything alone. She is the director of commercials and one of the best. Gwenn is watching for himself, but thirty years is the age when it's time to get married. Moreover, when a beloved friend is married and even her own mother fell in love! She meets with Mr. Vulcan - the leading weather forecaster - a brutal man who drives her to expensive restaurants and introduces the people known in show and television business. Only, he does not hurry to give her the cherished ring, and attempts to bring him to the conversation remain attempts. He cares more about his career, not her desires.
Suddenly in the film "A cherished desire" on the set, a young man appears and turns everything upside down. He dreams of becoming a director, and on his birthday Gwen gives a big cookie with a candle, asking to make a cherished wish. And she makes a guess! How to find out what will happen to her in ten years, if she chooses Dave, so sweet and unexpected, but only beginner to earn? Caution! After all, cherished wishes come true.
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