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Favorites Top Coat Cash (2017)

Top Coat Cash (2017)
Year, country:
David Tittone
David Tittone, Jason Turner, Rich Zvosec
1h 45min
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The film tells the story of Johnny Thompson, a mixed martial artist. The main character during his sports career was able to go through many fights and win more than one of them, but his performances in the arena came to an end. Johnny Thompson was at the pinnacle of fame and he was facing his star battle in Nevada. A victory would bring him dizzying fame and a huge fee. But Johnny is losing. After a high-profile defeat in Las Vegas, the main character returns home. His star has rolled, his sports career is over and there are no prospects.

Johnny Thompson is depressed. There is practically no money left, and, accustomed to sports victories, the fighter does not know where to earn them outside the ring. In this difficult period of his life, Johnny meets an old acquaintance who offers to earn extra money in a business where the strength and experience of a fighter can find excellent use. A friend, already firmly connected with crime, offers the main character to enter the gang and rob banks. Robbery, in the opinion of an old friend, is a great way to get quick and easy money. On the verge of despair, Johnny agrees.

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