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Wish For Christmas (2016) HD
Wish For Christmas (2016)
Year, country:
John K.D. Graham
Joey Lawrence, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Anna Fricks,
1h 29min
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Everyone knows that for Christmas one must make wishes. Magic Santa Claus will try to fulfill them. Of course, most of all this is believed by children, but adults need not forget that magic sometimes happens. Beautiful and clever Anna McLaren has long ceased to believe in miracles. The girl is extremely pragmatic and calculating. Anna believes that her parents Luke and Elizabeth often act wrong. They are people who deeply believe in God, ready to come to the aid of all who need it. Therefore, father and mother can never save a lot of money.
As described in the movie "Christmas Wish", Anna asked Santa to stop parents believing in God. It is clear that this girl did not seriously. After a while, the concerned brother called Paul. He said that Luke and Elizabeth had become completely different people - callous and heartless. Anna realized that she made a huge mistake. Now she needs to bring everything back. The girl is greatly assisted by her friends - Rebecca and Cotton Smish. Only fairy Santo will be very difficult to find.