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Parallels (2015) HD
Parallels (2015)
Year, country:
Christopher Leone
Mark Hapka, Jessica Rothe, Eric Jungmann
1h 28min
FilmsCLUB.org - Parallels (2015) full movie online in HD

Ronan Carver received an unexpected message from his father. The message says that he expressed a desire to meet him at the door of a certain building. Ronan has ceased to communicate with his father since the time they buried their mother. This behavior of the father alerted the guy. He decides to go straight to his house, where he meets his sister Beatrix. Near the house, they encounter a strange neighbor named Harold. Trinity decides to go to the appointed meeting place together.

The guys go into this very building that their father mentioned in the message. But when they want to go back, they find themselves on the streets of the city, which was destroyed by a nuclear explosion. And this happened in the distant past ...

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