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The Frontier (2015) HD
The Frontier (2015)
Year, country:
Oren Shai
Jim Beaver, Jocelin Donahue, Kelly Lynch,
1h 28min
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Thriller Border talks about a young girl who is hiding from the police. In order to somehow feed herself, she gets a job in a remote hotel, where people rarely come. Over time, she learns one terrible secret that the hotel owners committed a great robbery. When the main character found out about this, she decided to steal money and run away.

In the film The Frontier (2015) it is shown that the robbery of their own employers was quite a difficult task for her. After all, she was believed, and given the opportunity to earn. However, the young girl understood that for her crimes she was in prison. Therefore, she decided at least for a while to live free as she herself wanted. The main character quickly managed to find out information about exactly where the hotel owners kept the stolen money. And after that, in her head for a long time she hatched an action plan, how she would steal money and run away with it. The girl perfectly understood that her owners would not turn to the police for help, since they themselves are criminals. But here they themselves will look for her, so as not only to select, but also to punish her for the crime she committed. After a while, the main character stole a lot of money and left far from the hotel. However, her former employers quickly found out about the theft and began to pursue her. What ended this chase, you need to watch a movie online.