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Hackneys Finest (2014) HD
Hackneys Finest (2014)
Year, country:
Chris Bouchard
Nathanael Wiseman, Arin Alldridge, Enoch Frost
1h 30min
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Cyrus is a petty drug dealer who has long been addicted to his goods. Sometimes, in order to earn more money, he works as a courier for larger groups. Most often, he delivers a package of goods for Jamaican bandits who settled in eastern London. He always carried out this task with ease, but once Inspector Malcolm Priestley was on his way. The servant of the law was not going to punish him for criminal acts, all he wanted to do was to take possession of the drug, and throw all the problems with the bosses to Cyrus. In order to achieve his goal, the policeman is ready to do absolutely everything, so the dealer will have to try very hard to get out of this difficult situation ...