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Favorites Shangri-La Suite (2015)

Shangri-La Suite (2015)
Year, country:
Eddie O’Keefe
Ashley Greene, Emily Browning, Trevante Rhodes,
1h 30min
FilmsCLUB.org - Shangri-La Suite (2015) TV-Series full movie online in HD

USA, 1974. In the life of mentally ill people there is also a place for feelings. Karen and Jack have been together for two weeks.

Once, bursting into the room of his beloved, a guy talks about his mission. Two years ago, a long-dead mother came into contact with him and ordered the murder of rock and roll king Elvis Presley. In fact, staring at the TV screen, Jack was under the influence of drugs, who knows what other idea could appear in his sore mind. The young man offers Karen to run to California, where the pop idol is currently touring, together. The escape was a success, the travelers got a car and set off on a long journey.

At this time, Presley gives concerts, trying to return to the halls a somewhat thinned audience. He lives in a chic room, spends his free time with beautiful girls, and does not even suspect what Jack and Karen are up to.

On the way to sunny Los Angeles, the fugitives turn to Jack's stepfather's house. Father is not happy to meet, the guy came not to see, but to demand money. In response to the refusal, the son shoots his father with a pistol, a bleeding man, admits where the money is hidden. As if nothing had happened, the car rushes on to the Beverly Canyon Hotel, where Elvis Presley lives. Will a couple of lunatics be able to carry out their plan?

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