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Favorites Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014)

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014) HD
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014)
Year, country:
Frank Miller Robert Rodriguez
Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin
1h 42min
FilmsCLUB.org - Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

Beixin City in the movie Sin City 2 online is at a crossroads. Gold diggers come here in search of gold dust. Passing a vicious place does not work. After all, a traveler is usually with money, or he has worthwhile ideas or some secrets. Gold miners sometimes try to slip through the beysin city cordons. They do this in order to survive. Very many can not get around the city of debauchery. The place is completely rotten from orgies and corruption. The faces of evil and good merged into one monolithic tangle. Identifying sinners and the righteous is becoming increasingly difficult. The oldest city is still the heart of the city of Sin. Here the priestesses of love rule. The remaining inhabitants are engaged in robbery, robbery, banditry and prostitution. The police are a solid gang that is trying to earn money from visiting gold miners. They attribute fictitious crimes to guests. In order to evade punishment, the suspects part with the accumulated gold. Any history of the local inhabitants can end badly and sadly. Very few residents live to old age. City Hall rotted to the ground from corruption. Young people go to gangs to survive. They are outraging in the gates and on the avenue, causing fear to onlookers and passers-by.

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