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Favorites Bro What Happened (2014)

Bro What Happened (2014) HD
Bro What Happened (2014)
Year, country:
Carlee Baker, Amanda Barton, Felicia Blade
1h 26min
FilmsCLUB.org - Bro What Happened (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

Noisy party in the movie Bro, what happened? give the guys a reason to think about what happened. We recommend you to watch Bro, What Happened? (2014) and try to remember everything that will happen to the guys. Phil and Bro go to a party that promises to be very fun. There, Bro plans to meet his girlfriend, who also likes Phil. But exceptionally friendly. The entertainment program was saturated, and so much so that the guys lost control of themselves. The sea of alcohol only helped. Closer to noon, guests of the party began to wake up on the terrace and in the house. Not everyone could boast of vivid memories of last night. Bro was completely in a panic, as he woke up in the same bed with a girl, but not his own. Phil offers a friend not to rush to conclusions and try to remember everything to the smallest detail about what happened. And the guys with an unbroken headache from drunk alcohol begin to collect puzzles from yesterday's party. It would be better if they did not. Some even managed to shoot, while others tried their luck in Russian roulette. Fortunately, everything worked out and everyone remained unharmed. Nearly. What else can they remember? Comedy will please the ending.

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