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The Formula (2014)
Year, country:
Thomas Beecher, Joe Clarke
Brandon Baker, Mike Schminke, Sasha Jackson
1h 30min
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The action-packed American action movie about the Marine - about one of the best snipers of the US Army - Brandon. Against his will, he was involved in the backroom games of senior army officers. All further events of the film originate in the city of Berlin, where at night a former marine desertering from the army and a sniper of the US Army, under very interesting circumstances, kill the father of the main character - Thomas Becket. Brandon learns of the tragedy that befell him from reliable, as it seemed to him, sources, namely from his immediate command. Heartbroken and blinded by a thirst for revenge, Brandon creates his own small squad of people who have been tested and devoted to him, with whom he goes to look for the murderer of his father. But everything is much more complicated than Brandon thinks. In the process of finding a deserter and killer, the main character of the film discovers his father alive and unharmed. As it turned out, throughout this time he carried out a secret mission, and the whole story of the murder was only someone competently executed falsification, pursuing its own goals. Brandon realizes that all this time he was a puppet in someone created a game, the purpose of which he now has to find out.

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