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Every Secret Thing (2014) HD
Every Secret Thing (2014)
Year, country:
Amy J. Berg
Diane Lane, Brynne Norquist, Eva Grace Kellner
1h 33min
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This is a serious crime drama. The film tells a tragic story that has broken more than one life. The main characters are Ronnie and Alice. Once, while walking through the forest, the girls find a small child left unattended by adults. After just a couple of hours, the child found mysteriously dies. Now 11-year-old girls are accused of killing a baby. They are sentenced to imprisonment. After 7 years they are released from prison. Under mysterious circumstances, at the same time with the release of friends to freedom, another child disappears. The 18-year-old girls who have just been freed naturally fall under the suspicion of investigators. However, even the old secret is not revealed, when suddenly a new one appears. Now, in order to justify their honest names and not return back to the dock, they will have to quickly figure out everything.