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Favorites What We Did on Our Holiday (2014)

What We Did on Our Holiday (2014) HD
What We Did on Our Holiday (2014)
Year, country:
Andy Hamilton Guy Jenkin
Rosamund Pike, David Tennant, Billy Connolly
1h 35min
FilmsCLUB.org - What We Did on Our Holiday (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

Doug and Ebi - a married couple raising three children and experiencing a big crisis in the relationship. It seemed that they had everything in order to be happy, but the quarrels became more and more and the old feelings disappeared somewhere. They are on the verge of a divorce, which will be very difficult to avoid. Despite the huge problems in the family, the couple travels to Scotland with their children to celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of Grandpa Gordy, who has cancer. All the numerous relatives who are in a hurry to share the latest events in their lives gather there. Doug and Ebi are trying their best to hide their problems, especially from the sick grandfather, but chatty kids make this task almost impossible ...