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Tapped Out (2014) HD
Tapped Out (2014)
Year, country:
Allan Ungar
Michael Biehn, Cody Hackman, Krzysztof Soszynski
1h 45min
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The life of the main character shook him in order, forcing him to obey the laws of the streets. From childhood, he got used to drugs, robberies and pogroms, fights with the same losers and dregs of society as he is. In this cruel world, he was left completely alone, his parents went into another world, leaving his son to the mercy of fate. One bastard is to blame for their death, and the guy wants to sooner or later avenge his parents' death. Hatred, even if for a murderer, is not the best feeling that can turn against him. And so it happened, he ended up in prison for his endless hooligan tricks, from where he was sent to community service at a school where they teach the art of karate. This time was not in vain for him, he learned a lot and even entered the MMA tournament. That's where he did not expect to meet the killer of his parents, now he had the opportunity to put his enemy on the shoulder blades.