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Dead on Campus (2014) HD
Dead on Campus (2014)
Year, country:
Curtis Crawford
Katelyn Tarver, Tamara Duarte, Nicki Aycox
1h 28min
FilmsCLUB.org - Dead on Campus (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

Wanting to please classmates and become their own, a young girl from the 2014 feature film "Death at College" decided on a difficult task. She believed that having fulfilled the commission, she would receive respect and recognition, but did not suspect that her actions could lead to such consequences. If you want to relax in a great company, then watch new dramas online for free on our website. Natalie dreamed about this day. Finally, she will be able to feel free, because in college there are no parents who constantly monitor her. Everything here is different, more interesting and exciting. After familiarizing herself with the local rules, she realized that the company is leading the "Phi Delta Pi". This group of girls keeps apart, not letting mere mortals into their circle. The newly minted student eagerly wanted to join this community. To get the right to be near you must pass the test. The girl needs to lure one guy named Sumner. She doesn’t like such entertainments, but the desire to enter the club of the elite won, and Natalie by any means got at his disposal the indicated young man. Further, everything went completely wrong as planned. Samner was injected with drugs and began to mock him, which led to an accident. This murder, however, Natalie is forced to remain silent so as not to fall into the dock.