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I Am Soldier (2014) HD
I Am Soldier (2014)
Year, country:
Ronnie Thompson
Tom Hughes, Noel Clarke, Alex Reid
1h 24min
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Elliot Brindle is a smart meek social security officer drowning in debt. But everything changes when the phone rings. At the other end of the wire, he is informed that he becomes a participant in a TV show, the conditions are simple - to complete 13 tasks, no matter how strange they may be; prize - money that is accumulated with each completed task. Failure to complete or failure of the task leads to zeroing the bank. Money can be taken only by completing all 13 tasks of the leader. Elliot follows the first instructions and easily eats the caught fly. The first easy money appears on Brindl’s account. Elliot wants, but cannot stop the game, so as not to lose the “earned”, although the tasks become more sophisticated and dangerous, and the point of no return is about to be passed.