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Jungle Shuffle (2014) HD
Jungle Shuffle (2014)
Year, country:
Taedong Park Mauricio De la Orta
Drake Bell, Jessica DiCicco, Brianne Brozey
1h 25min
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Manu is a coati, a charming young animal of a rare type of raccoons. He does not like to sit around and wants to help all the animals in the jungle. However, because of his indefatigable energy, he always finds himself in various ridiculous situations. Once he accidentally breaks down a huge statue that was built by the whole tribe, for which the king expels him, despite the entreaties of his daughter Sasha. But when trouble comes to the tribe and poachers abduct Sasha, there is no hero around who is ready to go after people. Only one Manu is ready to risk everything and save the king’s daughter.