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Falcon Rising (2014) HD
Falcon Rising (2014)
Year, country:
Ernie Barbarash
Michael Jai White, Neal McDonough, Jimmy Navarro
1h 43min
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The film is about a man named John, a former military man. For his service, he saw a lot that completely killed fear in him. Now John has returned to ordinary life, but terrible memories of the war come to him again and again. The most important thing in John's life is his sister. From Brazil comes the news that she is near death. The main character immediately goes to his beloved relative. Upon arrival in Brazil, John is convinced that the police will figure it out. The man begins his own investigation into the attempt on his sister. He sets off in search of a man who has almost killed an innocent girl. John finds out the location of the offender and immediately goes to him. Meanwhile, the police are continuing their investigation, and two of the police have long been working for bandits. Corrupt law enforcement officers are instructed to remove John from the path, and they set off to prevent him from doing justice. The bandits are trying to interfere with the main character, but John is proficient in martial arts and shoots well. The skills acquired in the war save his life. Two policemen appear on his way, ready to fight him to death, but John kills them. Now he has a hard way to do justice.