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Favorites Standby (2014)

Standby (2014) HD
Standby (2014)
Year, country:
Rob Burke Ronan Burke
Jessica Paré, Brian Gleeson, Stanley Townsend
1h 30min
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Alan was already an adult guy and understood that at his age it was time to achieve something in life, if not in personal, then at least in his career. But working as a clerk in a bank weighed him, he did not like what he was doing, so when he was fired, he was not even upset. True, he did not have to be unemployed for a long time, since his mother arranged him as a travel consultant at Dublin Airport.

Once, Alan met a charming American Alice, who was waiting for her flight and, having talked with her, promised that he would come to America soon to continue communication and become closer to each other. The mutual sympathy that arose between them allowed Alice to think that Alan would really come to her. But he deceived her and she waited for eight years, until circumstances again brought her to that very airport ...

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