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Song One (2014) HD
Song One (2014)
Year, country:
Kate Barker-Froyland
Anne Hathaway, Johnny Flynn, Mary Steenburgen
1h 26min
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Franny is an archaeologist girl working away from her family. One day she wakes up a phone call, and a tearful mother reports that her brother Henry was in an accident and is in very serious condition.

Prior to these dramatic events, the heroine of the film “Once Upon a Time in New York” was not particularly happy, but now she was completely drawn into a quagmire of sadness and misunderstanding of what was happening. She, trying to calm her heartache, reads her brother's diary, visits his favorite places, writes everything that Henry could like on the recorder, and then plays the notes in his ward.

Franny is at the concert of Henry's favorite musician, James Forester. He turns out to be an understanding young man and visits the girl and her brother lying in a coma in the hospital. Word for word, a couple of songs with a guitar, a walk in the night city - and now new friends are crazy about each other. The sad occasion that brought them together was the impetus for the emergence of a sincere feeling. But time passes, and the time for parting is nearing, which means they will have to make vital decisions ...

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