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Favorites The Fear of Darkness (2014)

The Fear of Darkness (2014) HD
The Fear of Darkness (2014)
Year, country:
Christopher Fitchett
Maeve Dermody, Penelope Mitchell, Aaron Pedersen
1h 31min
FilmsCLUB.org - The Fear of Darkness (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

After a mortal battle, the warrior carries the body of a killed friend to bury at home, as they promised each other. On the way, he has to endure a series of tests ...

Sarah Faithfull was an excellent psychologist. In her young years, this woman has already managed to achieve much. She took her work very seriously and listened to each of her patients. Once it became known that a student was missing. His disappearance was too strange and mysterious. Suspect the murder immediately begin a girl named Sky. It was she who met him. Moreover, the lover of the missing person saw him last - after their meeting, he disappeared. Police find in one of the districts of the city a place where, according to law enforcement officers, a student could be. A careful study of the evidence allows us to conclude that the young man was killed. The place where the horrible murder happened was all covered in blood. But the body of a young man could not be found. It would be possible to interrogate the girl or just talk with her, but she was silently aloof. Sarah is involved in the investigation as a psychologist, hoping that she will be able to reach out to Skye. The heroine begins to realize that the poor thing is not to blame for anything. But in order to help her, she herself will have to go through the real hell that fate has prepared ...

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