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Favorites Someone Marry Barry (2014)

Someone Marry Barry (2014) HD
Someone Marry Barry (2014)
Year, country:
Rob Pearlstein
Tyler Labine, Damon Wayans Jr., Hayes MacArthur
1h 27min
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The American comedy “Marry Barry” tells the story of an unusual person who constantly gets into unpleasant stories, substitutes his friends with his actions, behaves in an unflattering manner and is able to spoil any event with his appearance. His comrades are looking for a way to pacify the impulses of his friend, they come up with a brilliant idea: to find a girl for him. But it’s one thing to invent, and another to bring to life. And the second they can’t do. But fate is favorable to them, and Barry in a taxi meets a girl he liked. But the apparent favor of fate, this is a real rock hanging over friends. After all, a sweet girl is even worse than their unlucky friend. What do you think, how much fun will the weekend spent by friends with this couple be? That's right, it will be real hell.

If you watch this film only as a comedy, then you will be pleased with a lot of funny jokes, however, many of them are pretty vulgar. But you can also discern in this movie a deeper subtext, which can be expressed with the phrase “Each creature has a pair,” that is, no matter how unusual or non-standard a person is, you can always find the second one, and they will be comfortable with each other. That is, there is no need to judge someone who interferes with life. You just need to step aside, and leave the one in the company that will understand and support him in all endeavors. In general, the film is very funny and somewhat instructive.

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