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Hellion (2014) HD
Hellion (2014)
Year, country:
Kat Candler
Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, Josh Wiggins
1h 39min

FilmsCLUB.org - Hellion (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

The teenage period was given to a guy with side effects, and family problems only exacerbated the already precarious situation in society. Will he ever take off the guise of a bully and what will prompt him to change?

The father of two boys, as he could handle the upbringing of the sons left in his care, but not always he did it in the best way. The eldest son every day showed rebellion and a memo of a complex nature, but no one suspected that his trick would result in the involvement of guardianship authorities and the younger brother would be taken to a shelter. Jacob seeks to win a motorcycle race to return his brother, and when no methods can have an effect on social organs, but he decides on extreme measures. He abducts his brother, but this is not enough for him. A woman who approached his father and became the cause of their problems may be punished at the hands of a guy. A bully will not be able to change part of his nature, but what will his next misconduct lead to?

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