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Favorites Cuban Fury (2014)

Cuban Fury (2014) HD
Cuban Fury (2014)
Year, country:
James Griffiths
Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, Chris O'Dowd,
1h 38min
FilmsCLUB.org - Cuban Fury (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

As a child, Bruce was engaged in ballroom dancing and achieved very great success. However, he could not win the national championship, because before the performance he was attacked by a gang of teenagers and beat him. After this incident, he forever abandoned dancing, because he considered this a lesson for wimps. Growing up, he became an employee of a large company and a rather plump man. At one point, a new boss appears in their company - a pretty young girl who was very much liked by Bruce. To win her heart, he will take part in a competition for the most fiery dance. However, he has a very strong opponent, who is ready to use the most dirty tricks, just to win ...

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