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The Scarehouse (2014) HD
The Scarehouse (2014)
Year, country:
Gavin Michael Booth
Katherine Barrell, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Sarah Booth,
1h 18min
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Vibrant feminists who deny intimate relationships before marriage are united in a female community of named sisters. They called it Sigma-Kapa-Omega. They decide to celebrate Halloween sisterhood with a grand scale. They have a party in a big house with two friends from society. The house is decorated with all kinds of frightening things, traps, candles are placed. Everything looks very natural and high quality. This party promises to be the most ambitious in the history of the holidays. Girlfriends intentionally make two separate entrances: one for ordinary guests coming from the street, and the other for friends from the sisterhood. The list for invitees includes six girls who are members of the female community. Each of them should come alone at the appointed time. That was the condition of the party. But unhappy girls cannot even imagine that they are going into a trap. All this was arranged by two sociopaths who want to recoup for previous grievances. Now the holiday has turned into a real horror, in which it seems impossible to survive. Will the invited girls be able to solve the insidious intentions of the crazy? Will they be able to escape from this terrible nightmare, where something terrible awaits them at every turn?

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